Haines Fair, Alaska

I went to Haines, AK with Hannah and friends to go to the SE Alaska State Fair. It was wet, cloudy, sunny, fun, frightening, sometimes dangerous, and fueled by excessive drinking.

People's Magazine reappeared throughout the trip...

Some photos from the ferry from Juneau to Haines:

Hannah had the hiccups, so she tried drinking water upside down. I don't remember if it worked or not.
(Photo by Kaj Loken-Kim)

Then we made it to the Fair:

Went to a friend's house out in the middle of nowhere Alaska. It was probably one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. There were multiple houses and one of the greatest views I have seen since Mt. Juneau.

The only photo I have from the Fair the second night...

Trip home:



Cassidy+Kaj+People's Mag:


TEMSCO's Pilot's Choice Tour

Hannah and I went on TEMSCO's Pilot's Choice tour a couple weeks ago. TEMSCO is where I work and the Pilot's Choice tour is our premium tour. Chip Kalvin was our pilot and he has been flying for TEMSCO for...well... a long time and has a wealth of knowledge about the Juneau Ice Field and the surrounding natural beauty. The Pilot's Choice tour is an hour and 20min long tour that involves two landings. We landed at the Hole in the Wall on the Taku Glacier and the Juneau Ice Field. It was amazing. Here are some photos:

Juneau, Alaska and the end of our tour: