Glendale Housing Project

Dominique Smith, left, and Romeal Hughley, right, are residents of the Glendale Housing Project.


Fresh Air Tour

Brother Ali with Evidence, Toki Wright, and BK One performed the last show of their Fresh Air Tour at First Avenue in Minneapolis, Rhymesayer's birthplace.

Enter the brother...

Give the DJ the respect he deserves, BK One:


University of Minnesota Emergency Medical Services

Sean Ewen is a University of Minnesota Emergency Medical Services Supervisor and is currently attending the University of Minnesota's Medical School. Here is a snippet of his life during game day at TCF Bank Stadium.


Life in Prison

The few photos I took before being kicked off the grounds under the supervision of a shotgun.


Climate Change Rally

Keith Ellison, D-Minn., and others speak at the International Day of Climate Action rally at the State Capital on Saturday, October 24th, 2009.

A Prairie Home Companion Dance Party

Classic Garrison Keillor singing with the MN State Capital in the back.

Art on Wheels

University Professor Ali Momeni displays a light projection Wednesday at the West Bank Social Center. Momeni teaches Art on Wheels, a class and research initiative that lets students display art from "bike-mobilized media disseminators."


WI vs. MN.


Garrett Bing, a member of the new student group, The People's Fire Coalition, practices Poi on Northrop mall on Tuesday. Poi is a traditional art in which you swing flaming balls of fire suspended by chains around your body to excite, amuse, thrill, and shock any onlookers.


Taking a break from classes

This is a Place of Business