Chicago At Night

Since I work all day long, I have been taking more photographs at night. Here is a bit of what I have done.

This is where I work, the Chicago Field Museum:

Navy Pier on a cold windy night:

Chicago skyline seen from the Adler Planetarium just after sunset:

Black Bean Soup

Black Bean Soup garnished with Flamin' Hot Cheetos (Hannah's idea) on a cold winter day is pretty tasty. Really easy to make, too. Yum.

For some more great food photography and recipes I keep meaning to try, check out this blog: Essential Omnivore


Chicago Skyline Panorama

Chicago skyline just as clouds started to roll in. I was on my bike and made it home as the rain started to sprinkle down. A few days before I took this photograph, Chicago experienced some really heavy winds. I think that is why this boat was sitting on the concrete and not in the water.