Monteverde Fig Tree (5-13)

On our last day in Monteverde, we hiked to the nearby waterfall and famous fig tree. Fig trees are ¨stranglers¨ meaning they grow off of another tree, entangle it, grow around it, steal light and nutrients from the host tree, and eventually stangle it to death. The host tree then dies and decomposes. So some very old, very tall fig trees are completely hollow. There is one just like this in Monteverde and we climbed, inside of it, to the top of the forest canopy. It was really frightening. But really fun. It was like a chuck-e-cheese jungle gym thing for big kids. It was hard to take pictures of, but here are my best:


Climbing to the top of the fig:

The canopy view:

There was a creepy guard monkey, up top. It was weird:

San Luis Waterfall (5-10)

On one of my last few days in Monteverde, I travelled to the San Luis Watefall. It is by far the most beautiful watefall in the Monteverde area and probably one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have seen this whole trip. This was one of the best days I´ve had while in Costa Rica. Maybe not just because of the beauty of the fall, but because of the company I was with, too.

The San Luis Waterfall is over 200 feet tall with multiple ridges (not exactly sure what they are called). I don´t think I captured the entire fall on camera, but you get the idea, right? Trully a beautiful and almost magical place, even though the water was COLD.

The walk down to the falls took about two and a half hours. But the beautiful views on the way there were well worth the journey (I love clouds!):

Then we made it to the forest:

and the fall:

It was pretty amazing. Very beautiful. If you ever go to Monteverde, Costa Rica, I think it´s a hike that is well worth it. Especially if you can get in without paying, like we did.


Off to Peru

Spent my first night in Costa Rica in the Hostel Pangea. Spending my last night in Costa Rica in the Hostel Pangea. It feels so weird knowing I am going to be leaving the place I have just spent the past 4 months. It was by far the greatest experience of my life. I met amazing people. Saw some of the most beautiful places in the world. And learned more than my mind can handle. I will miss those I have met. And I miss my family and friends back home who I have not seen in a long while. But... I must continue the adventure. Continue my endless journey of body and mind. Continue to see the world and all the beauty that it holds.

I will continue my blog, assuming I have Internet access. And still have some photos to put up from the end of my trip here. So stay tuned. Enjoy the beauty that summer brings, where ever you are. Have a beer on the porch. Have a bonfire. Climb a bunch of trees. Look up at the stars and let your dreams soar. Most of all, enjoy the company of those around you. Because if I have learned anything on this journey, it's that the people you're with - friends, lovers, teachers, strangers - these are the people who make the experience worth while. They are who you remember first.



Monteverde Biological Station

Rainy Season

While it is finally becoming nice and warm back home, while all my friends are enjoying the absolute beauty that is Milwaukee and Minneapolis during the Spring, it is becoming the rainy season here in the tropics. It's now our so-called "winter".

However, the beauty still doesn't stop. So don't feel bad for me or anything... Below are my first shots (ever) of lightening.

Niños de Hannah

A friend of mine who lived near me in Cañitas had really cute siblings. I showed them my iPod Touch and they seemed to like it.

Following photos are taken by Hannah Findlay. Ignore my name in the corner. I am too lazy to take it off.

Around Cañitas

So it was my last day at my homestay Sunday (5/2). It went by SO fast! Below are some pictures from my homestay and the surrounding town of Cañitas.

My Parents:

My view:

Drying clothes and fresh bananas:

My dog:

Random Photos around the house:

Midnight Rains:

Moved back into the Biological Station in Monteverde. It's weird being back. It's different. Things are coming to an end.

Soon I will be on my own, exploring the endless abyss...



Here are some photos from the farm that I have been doing my research at for the past 4 weeks.

I am studying the effects of farm location (edge vs. center) on the amount of mycorrihizal fungi in the roots of Café trees. Most days I have to walk to the field station to analyse my roots under a microscope. This means I have been walking over 2 hours everyday. Its been really intense.

I move back into the Station tomorrow! Crazy. This past month at my homestay has gone by SO fast.

Fiesta Del Toro!

The Fiesta del Toro came to Cerro Plano on 4/18. It was a small weekend-long block party that was a lot of fun, almost like a state fair in the States. There was lots of food, lots of beer, lots of bulls, and lots of dancing. I even jumped in the ring with the bull one night. It was pretty frightening, but I escaped unscathed (no photos of that incidence, though). Below are some other photos of the nights.