Costa Rica: 2/14 - 2/18 (Santa Rosa)

Left Corcovado on the 14th, stopped at Dominical for lunch, a crazy little surf town. Met a couple from New York who moved down to Costa Rica, opened up a ice cream shop, had a kid, and are now living out their days making tasty food for happy people in heaven. Pretty awesome. Then we traveled to Hermosa and then stopped at Carara National Forest. This is a "moist" forest, not wet, not dry. A refreshing alternative to the mugginess of Corcovado. Saw some cool stuff.

Then we traveled to Liberia.

And stopped at our final destination in Santa Rosa. Santa Rosa was much dryer than Corcovado so it felt much cooler (I didn't sweat constantly all day long). However, we didn't camp 5ft from the beach, which wasn't AS cool. We had class everyday (including weekends) from 8am to 6pm with some night lectures. So, yes mom, I am learning A LOT. I am in class probably about 50 hours a week (maybe more). Nonetheless, still had a lot of time to have fun and see some really amazing things.

This is my professor/director during one of our lectures. Think of this next time you are sitting in a stale classroom. Don't ever get to comfortable in a life you don't enjoy. There are alternative lives you can lead.



Monkeys are everywhere.

Here's one of my TA's, Yimen, helping my group and I on our field experiment.

Then we had another hike day, like in Corcovado, to Playa Narana. This time it was a 13k (26k both ways) through a primary DRY forest. This was much different than the lowland forest and it was a longer hike, too. But we had an even more beautiful beach waiting for us at the end and a beautiful sunset to see on the way back. So it was SO worth it.
Here's a dried up river:

The white in this photo isn't sand, but salt. Wierd...



More to come...


Costa Rica: 2/8 - 2/14 (Corcovado)

Arrived in Corcovado on the 9th. We camped on the beach for about a week. It was paradise. Truly paradise.

There was a 15ft, freshwater waterfall and swimming hole inside the woods. After a week of swimming in the warm salt water ocean (I know, its a rough life I lead), a cool dip in a freshwater river is heavenly. We climbed up the waterfall. Sat right below it. Best massage in the world. And we could dive off rocks into the smaller freshwater pool. Be jealous.

We went on a 8k hike (16k total, both ways) through a primary lowland rainforest, aka a Jungle. Monkeys overhead, leaf cutter ants below, gigantic tress and vines thicker than my head, and a beach at the end of the hike that was more refreshing than you could ever possibly imagine. Saw some cool stuff on the way to the forest, as well. Like the dead whale below.

Then we took a boat to Isle del Caño, a small island off the Coast of our beach. Also, very beautiful. Saw a humpback whale, dolphins, and sea snake on the way. Beautiful.

Corcovado was insane. We lived in the Jungle. The humidity made sure your clothes were always soaked. Monkeys swung all around us. Went for a swim every morning at 6:30am (best bath in the world) and cooled off in the afternoon with another dip or two - no need to ever actually shower. Drank water straight from the forest. Ate beans and rice everyday. Although we had (and still have) class every single day from about 8am till 6pm with occasional night lectures, being in paradise makes it seem all okay. Again, be more jealous.

Then we had to say goodbye to our beautiful home. We had places to be, more beautiful places to see. Left Corcovado on the 14th to travel to Santa Rosa.

More to come...

Costa Rica: 2/2 - 2/8 (San Jose and Sierpe)

Left the cold and snowy United States of America on February 2nd, 2010.

A time to leave everything behind. Escape to a place of new. A place of growth. A place made out of green.

Got into San Jose at 8pm and got into my hostel around 11. It was amazing. Perfect view. Cool people. Cold beer. Relaxing.

The next morning I met up with two friends, Hannah and Katie. Finally got to see San Jose, Costa Rica for all its worth.

There was so much color. So much life. People were laid back. Relaxed. Seemed to enjoy the life they were living. Crazy.

Then we traveled to Turribala on one of the most frightening bus rides I have ever experienced. Sharp turns around steep cliffs. And the Tico I was sitting next to made sure I knew that "a bus rolled down one of these cliffs in the past". Thanks for that, José.

Its sad to see the slums... Especially as a White US Citizen with skin that screams, "I think I'm better than you".

On the 7th we left San Jose and traveled to Sierpe. On the way we stopped off at a really amazing church.

Stray dogs are everywhere. If you feed them, they will follow.

We also stopped off at a Pineapple Field. Its good to at least know that other cultures farm using massive monocultures and the US isn't the only country destroying the world with every bushel of corn we create.

In Sierpe, we checked out a Mangrove forest. Swung through the roots and swam in the river. It was so fun.

Left Sierpe on the 8th to travel to Corcovado. Thats when we hit the ocean...and the camping began. :)

More to come...