Cañitas (4-3-10)

So we ended our glorious field trip, left Panama on the 29th, and headed back up to San Jose. We stayed in San Jose for a night, made it back to the station in Monteverde, had two huge tests that I likely did very bad on, and then moved into our homestays on 4/3/10. It was really scary. They packed us into a van at 8am and shipped us off.

My homestay is in Cañitas. A small, rural town 1.5 hours away from the Monteverde Station. Dirt roads. Small cafes. Good food. Smiling faces. Its great. There are 8 other people from this program near me, which is nice (the Cañitas Crew). I live with an older couple: Alexis and Magda. They don't speak any English. It is awkward and silent at times, but we make it work and I am learning a lot.

Here is my house:

I have my own entrance to my room (on the right):

Finally have my OWN room:

The farm behind the house:

Chicken coop:

Front yard:

My dog, Moncha:

Went to church with my parents. 3 hours of Spanish that I did not understand:

Beautiful views:

The first day, after saying hello to the parents. My friends and I escaped to the nearby cafe to study and enjoy the view. It was fun, we found a friend.

Life on the Finca:

So far, all is well. Living with a simple family, in a simple town, eating simple food, and loving every minute of it.

Panama (3-25 - 3/28)

Panama was SO beautiful and SO fun. Your stereotypical beach paradise. It was amazing.

Where I stayed:

Our view:

Where we ate:

Went on some species hikes:

The director of the program, Alan Masters:

Took a boat out to this crazy, Jurassic Park island:

We did TONS of snorkeling in Bocas del Toro. It was breathtaking. So some many different creatures. So many colors. So much life. BUT, my camera isn't water proof, so this is the best you get...

We went into town on the 28th. That was fun too. Drank some margaritas. Ate a cheeseburger. Kicked back.


This was one of my favorite places. It was full of life, full of warmth, and full of shenanigans.

Bocas del Toro (3-25-10)

So we left Perismina on the 25th to travel to Panama! We stayed on a group of islands called Bocas del Toro. The way there was pretty fun. It was crazy crossing the border.
Stopped to see some cool stuff and eat some lunch on the beach before hitting the border.

At the border:

Costa Rica:


The rest of the way we traveled by boat:

Home sweet home:

Panama was SO beautiful.