For many different reasons, I am giving Tumblr a try for my blogging needs.


Alec Soth on the Photographic Series

"...Great pictures are all about luck. And anyone can take a great picture. But very few people can put together a great collection of pictures. It is incredibly difficult to put these fragments together in a meaningful way. And this is my goal. Along the way, of course, I hope to make great individual images. But the art, for me, is in the collection and interplay of images."
Alec Soth


South Korea

I am now living in South Korea and will be here for the next year. If you want to see what I am up to, check out the blog that my girlfriend Hannah and I have just started working on. I will be posting photos on this blog, as well, but probably only my favorites.

HJ Korean Adventure


Up North

Went to go see Up North play at the Cactus Club a few nights ago in Milwaukee. It was a great show. I am happy to see my friends making great music and having a great time doing it. Can't wait for more.


Winter in Chicago

Here are just a few photos of Chicago, a place I am growing quite fond of.