Peru: Powerpoint

If you're interested in what I did in Peru, and I haven't told you or you haven't read my old blog posts, you can check out this short Powerpoint I gave to one of my classes about it. Sorry for the poor audio editing, just threw the song on top of it so you don't get bored.

Explorer's Inn is always looking for new RN's. You need (or are working towards) a degree in biology or a related field (like Environmental Science) and a 3-month commitment. Send me an email if you are interested! I will give you all the contact info. you need. Or if you just want to go on a vacation there...


Here are some of the best photos I got of all the amazing, beautiful, and crazy things that surrounded me in the jungles of Peru. This is why I carried my camera with me every single moment throughout the wet, sticky, and hot rainforest. Some of my proudest photos (and some of my least favorite, but that's okay). Please enjoy.

Anarti Fatima, a day flying moth, beautiful:


Best photo I got, Brown Capuchin:


Yellow Rumped Caciques:

Capibara, largest rodent in the world:

Dusky Titi Monkey:

Invisible Frogs:

Cicada home:

Hard to see, but an Army Ant Bivouac. This is where they nest, arms linked, with the queen hidden deep in the center:

Weird insects:

This location holds the most diverse population of dragonflies:

Bullet Ant (feels like you are being shot if they sting you):

Leaf cutter ants:


Leaf turned wasp nest:

Red and Blue Macaws:

The closest I got to a Tapir...

Nocturnal Brazilian Porcupine:

Only photo I have of the mysterious NIGHT MONKEY:


A fallen comrade after our coldest friaje:

Peccari, a large pig like creature that travels in packs up to 100 members:

Peccari Skull found by Tilly, another RN:

Red Howler Monkeys:

Saddle-backed Tamarins:

Squirrel Monkey:

Tamandua, an Arboreal Anteater:

Best I got, King Vulture:

Wowee, the Lodge's pet Scarlet Macaw:

Thanks for reading (or looking).